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Hair removal sugar paste Chardé / Lycon

Beauty salon Korunka focuses on complete full body depilation. We do the depilation with sugar paste. We perform armpit hair removal also hands, legs, back, groin and intimate areas - brazilian depilation.

Depilace cukrovou pastou

Because the sugar paste adheres only to the hair it is almost painless and can be used on any part of the body including the very delicate areas such as eyebrows, upper lip and ear lobes.

The first step a professionally trained beautician loosens the hair from the skin with sugar paste and then removes it in a painless manner. The hair is always removed in the direction of growth, therefore the hair doesn‘t break. Using the sugar paste the hair is pulled from the skin without irritation, no redness and no ingrown hair.

The effect is immediate, the skin is smooth and without irritation. The sugar paste method gradually weakens the hair and slows regrowth, in time it will disappear altogether. The price list of depilation sugar paste you can to find here.

More information about hair removal sugar paste you can get on our website dedicated exclusively Depilation with sugar paste.

Brazilian waxing

Brazilian depilation means complete removal of hair from intimate areas, but in Europe the term Brazilian depilation also used in a way in which some hair can remain in the intimate area. The most common form is a narrow strip (landing strip) or triangle.

Brazilská depilace

Do you want a heart, strip or complete removal?
You can have complete hair removal, but most women leave a triangle, strip, or sweetheart but creativity has no limits. Adventurous women can try decorating their intimate parts by vajazzling.

How does it perform?
The sugar paste is massaged into the skin against the direction of hair growth. The sugar paste is removed along the direction of the growth. It can be applied several times to the same place. Whereas the sugar paste is adhered only to the hairs becomes almost painless and we can apply it to any part of the body. In this method of hair removal, unlike traditional waxing ther is no breakage or ingrown hairs.

The sugar paste is a totally new but also very popular because it also acts as a gentle peeler on the skin. Also, this method is less painful because the hair removal in the direction of growth.

More information about brazilian waxing depilation you can get on our website dedicated exclusively Brazilian waxing depilation with sugar paste.



Armpit depilation
The armpit hair follicles are usually very deep under the skin. Therefore it is better to have longer armpit hair for effective removal.

Leg depilation
Leg depilation can be done in three ways. First, only the calf, which usually takes probably 45 minutes. Another option is to remove the hair to above the knees. It is longer and it takes an hour. For entire leg hair removal including thighs, it is necessary to calculate at least an hour. Duration may vary depending on the density of hair. Along with leg hair removal we recommend that you remove the hair from your toes and eventually the groin.

Arm depilation
Forearm hair removal to the elbow takes about 45 minutes. Whole arm hair removal takes about an hour. We recommend along with this treatment to also remove the hair from the hands and armpits.

Upper lip depilation
The removal of hair from the upper lip using sugar paste is very effective. Due to natural ingredients, there is minimal skin irritation, the skin regenerates very quickly and the hair disappears over the next 6 weeks.

Eyebrow depilation
At first the eyebrows are adjusted and shaped. The advantage of removing the eyebrows using sugar paste is that you also remove the very small and fine hairs that tweezers can't.

Practical information

  • The ideal hair length for removal is about 0.5 cm (ie. about 10-12 days after shaving).
  • If the hairs are longer than 1cm, applying the paste to long hair is uncomfortable and pulls. We recommend that you cut your hair to the recommended length. If you are unable to, we can shorten it ourselves.
  • You aren't freshly showered? It doesn't matter, you can use the shower in our salon. Towels and a shower gel are supplied free.

Luxurious cream wax LYCON - a new epilation method on the Czech market

Lycon is the world leader in wax hair removal - the only one which has ISO certification and has won (for several years) the British Beauty Awards 2014 in the category of epilation products. The use of these waxes is almost painless, unlike conventional wax or sugar paste. Moreover the hairs can be removed more thoroughly from a length of 1 mm. It is a mixture of special resin, beeswax and aromatic oils and contains ingredients such as aloe vera, azulene, chamomile, lavender or rose and is also suitable for sensitive skin. This is one of the reasons why Lycon uses stars such as Victoria Beckham, Demi Moore, Uma Thurman and Sienna Miller LYCON, who also celebrate celebrities like Victoria Beckham and Sienna Miller.

LYCON - a new epilation method

LYCON – velvety smooth skin without hairs.

Cream waxes are made with unique technology in Australia. These waxes are different in how they approach the skin. It is a unique technology of titanium dioxide that is applied to oil-treated skin. This innovative solution ensures perfect skin protection during treatment. Oil protects and nourishes the skin, reduces pulling and pain. Smooth skin without hairs and irritation!

Using Lycon are removed mainly from sensitive hair such as Brazilian depilation, groin, armpit, face and hairs in your ears and nose! But areas such as legs, hands, back ..



Body care - depilation with sugar paste Chardé / Lycon

Ordering service


Depilation with sugar paste for her

* An item marked with such an (asterisk symbol) means that the cost of the operation depends on the consumption of material according to hair density.


* Eeyebrows (15 min) 190 - 250,- Kč
* Face and cheeks (30 min) 290 - 390,- Kč
Upper lip (15 min) 190,- Kč
Chin (15 min) 190,- Kč
Entire face excluding eyebrows (60 min) 690,- Kč
Ears (10 min) 250,- Kč
* Armpits (20 min) 290 - 350,- Kč
Arm from the shoulder to the elbow = upper arm (20 min) 440,- Kč
Forearms or lower arms including the back of the hands (30 min) 440,- Kč
Whole arms excluding fingers (50 min) 730,- Kč
Fingers whole (10 min) 190,- Kč
* Navel belly button vicinity (10 min) 190 - 250,- Kč
Stomach (20 min) 450,- Kč
Buttocks excluding intergluteal cleft (30 min) 490,- Kč
Buttocks intergluteal cleft (10 min) 350,- Kč
* Thigh without groin (30 min) 550 - 690,- Kč
Calves including knees (30 min) 550,- Kč
* 3/4 feet up to mid-thigh (40 min) 850 - 950,- Kč
* Whole legs without groin, toes (60 min) 1 000 - 1 200,- Kč
Toes in the case of hair removal legs only extra charge of 80 Kč (10 min) 190,- Kč
Back kidneys (20 min) 320,- Kč
* Whole back (40 min) 750 - 1 000,- Kč


Intimate depilation

* Bikini groin (30 min) 390 - 490,- Kč
Thong bikini groin + buttocks - inside intergluteal cleft (40 min) 790,- Kč


Brazilian waxing

Brazilian waxing is complete depilation intimate parts including the groin and buttocks - inside parties intergluteal cleft

* Brazilian landing strip narrow strip (60 min) 890 - 950,- Kč
* Brazilian triangle (60 min) 890 - 950,- Kč
* Brazilian Hollywood complete hair removal (60 min) 890 - 1 200,- Kč


Depilation with sugar paste for him

Eeyebrows (20 min) 280,- Kč
Nose (10 min) 230,- Kč
Ears (10 min) 250,- Kč
Neck (15 min) 260,- Kč
* Armpits (20 min) 280 - 390,- Kč
Chest (30 min) 650,- Kč
Stomach (30 min) 590,- Kč
Chest + stomach (60 min) 850 - 1 200,- Kč
Shoulders (20 min) 390,- Kč
Shoulder blades (35 min) 850,- Kč
Arms (30 min) 650,- Kč
Forearms or lower arms including the back of the hands (30 min) 650,- Kč
Whole arms excluding fingers (60 min) 960,- Kč
Fingers whole (10 min) 300,- Kč
Back from the shoulders to the buttocks (20 min) 650,- Kč
Whole back (50 min) 1 030,- Kč
Buttocks excluding intergluteal cleft (20 min) 590,- Kč
Buttocks intergluteal cleft (15 min) 320,- Kč
Thigh without groin (30 min) 700,- Kč
Calves including knees (30 min) 700,- Kč
Whole legs without groin, toes (60 min) 1 390,- Kč
Toes (15 min) 250,- Kč
Groin (20 min) 490,- Kč

The times of each procedures are only tentative and can be different.





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