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Japanese tattoo with Henna - be original!

Japanese tattoo is among the actual current trends. It's not a classic tattoo which you surely know, but temporary tattoo japanese Henna powder, which lasts 10 days.

Japonské bezbolestné tetování Hennou


Are you tempted to try to have an image on your skin and you have fear from permanent tattoo?
Then try a henna tattoo. On your body you can leave portray anything. The effect is more than perfect, and certainly not just dazzle your friends in the summer on the beach, but also on a party or in society.

You can choose from more than 300 designs in our catalog, but you can also bring your artwork, logo and so on.


Where tattoo applied??
Henna tattoos can be applied absolutely anywhere on the skin, even in places where the skin is thinner and therefore more sensitive (normal tattoo there could be too painful). It is also interesting tattoo on his hand, wrist and ankles.


Tetování hennou
Tetování hennou
Tetování hennou
Tetování hennou


How long tattoo last?
Usually, it lasts probably 10 days. Generally lasts henna on the skin longer for people with darker skin. It also depends on the specific location on the body where the skin is thinner, the result will be more pronounced. Before the application of henna is good for a few days in advance instead of tattooed cream and make peeling the skin was smoother. Henna can not be washed off the skin directly, but gradually fades.


BodyGolding body art with 24 carat gold

Bodygolding is a luxury, decorative and provisional application of thin sheets of 24 carat gold on human skin, which creates original jewelery of precious metal leaf directly on the body.

BodyGolding zdobení těla 24 karatovým zlatem

For creating more demanding and more extensive applications bodygolding we can use a combination of crystal tattoos SWAROWSKI. To complement the surroundings or by highlighting its detail, it is possible to use techniques body - painting and classic makeup.

Bodygolding is not tattoo - does not damage the skin, the application is very pleasant and completely painless. Bodygolding is also suitable for small children and seniors.

Bodygolding can be used for special occasions, social and intimate moments, personal pleasure, parties, wellness, corporate needs presentations, advertising and PR, film, photography, theater and the visual arts. The best places for applications bodygolding are visible, exposed areas of the body where the skin no significant stress during normal movement (cheekbones, neck, shoulders, back, thighs, calves).


BodyGolding body art with 24 carat gold

Photo gallery

Watch a BodyGolding in our photo gallery step by step...

BodyGolding zdobení těla
BodyGolding zdobení těla
BodyGolding zdobení těla
BodyGolding zdobení těla
BodyGolding zdobení těla
BodyGolding zdobení těla


Bodygolding is after applying a shiny, precisely bordered by perfectly replicating the pattern of the skin. During normal use without increased mechanical stress effect bodygolding lasts 3-4 days. Notice: long staying in water is not suitable.


Body Glitter body art

Body Glitter is very flashy, glittery, tattoo suitable for brides, social events, parties, corporate events - promotion of services or products, fashion shows for children. Huge number of themes, and high range of color variations has huge usage, imagination has no limits.

Body Glitter zdobení těla

How is applied?
On the clean parts of the body is applied to a special hypoallergenic adhesive and subsequently diamond dust in different colors and glitter. Theme is transmitted either through a template or manually paint original motifs.

What part of the body is the appropriate for body glitter?
Materials that are used for glitter tattoo are completely safe and hypoallergenic. Therefore, it can be used to any part of the body, including intimate decorating vajazzling.

How long last?
Usually lasts about a week, depending on skin type and the place where the motif painted.


On April 21, we participated in the big event for Jewellery Aurum. The restaurant SOHO presented a new collection of "Naked" and we were there. On one of the photos of the reportage on Super.cz you can see in action our dear colleague Sarka. Our work you can see on Klenoty Aurum.


Zdobení těla Body Glitter
Zdobení těla Body Glitter
Zdobení těla Body Glitter
Zdobení těla Body Glitter




Japanese tattoo BodyGolding and Body Glitter

Ordering service


Japanese tattoo – price according to the size of the selected pattern from 350,- Kč
BodyGolding - price according to the size of the selected pattern from 490,- Kč
Body Glitter - price according to the size of the selected pattern and intensity of painting from 350,- Kč

Japanese tattoo lasts usually 10 days.





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