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Starvac - multiple effect lymphatic drainage

During treatment the STARVAC device operates over fat cells, blood and lymphatic system. The treatment is more effective than manual massage. The vacuum disrupts fat cells which are flushed from the body through the lymphatic system. It leads to loss of adipose tissue and too significant slimming.

Starvac přístrojová lymfodrenáž

The STARVAC also smoothes wrinkles, removes puffiness, rejuvenates and firms the skin on the face. You can get more information on our website dedicated exclusively to lymphatic drainage devices.

The treatment is completely painless. The procedure takes about 30 minutes (depending on the range) and is carried out 2 to 3 times a week. The results are visible after 2 visits, the skin is smoother, firmer and more elastic.

What is the ideal number of visits?
Excellent weight loss results are achieved when we combine vacuum massage with US2A ultrasonic device. We recommend that you only have 6 treatments, in combination with the Lymfoven device. The ideal number of body wrapping treatments is 12.

More information about US2A you can get on our website dedicated exclusively ADM cosmetic devices.


Slimming body treatment with devices US2A, STARVAC and Body Wrapping

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Watch treatment STARVAC in our photo gallery step by step...

Zeštíhlující ošetření těla přístrojem STARVAC
Zeštíhlující ošetření těla přístrojem STARVAC
Zeštíhlující ošetření těla přístrojem STARVAC
Zeštíhlující ošetření těla přístrojem STARVAC
Zeštíhlující zábal těla - Body Wrapping
Zeštíhlující zábal těla - Body Wrapping

Effects of vacuum massage

  • removes subcutaneous fat
  • removes cellulite
  • slimming selected parts of approximately 1 cm for 1 visit
  • strengthens flabby tummy, thighs and buttocks
  • smoothes and promotes blood circulation throughout the body
  • improves lymphatic flow thus effectively cleanses the body
  • toxins are excreted along with ballast substances from the body
  • weight loss results are truly remarkable



Shaping - STARVAC vacuum massage

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Hands 15 minutes 400,- Kč
Abdomen + back 20 minutes 600,- Kč
Feet 20 minutes 600,- Kč
The entire body 30 minutes 750,- Kč
Wrap 30 minutes 250,- Kč


Body shaping - Combination of treatment

2 combinations  
STARVAC + wrap 1 000,- Kč
US2A + LYMFOVEN 1 050,- Kč
US2A + STARVAC 1 350,- Kč
STARVAC + CAVITALyse 1 800,- Kč

3 combinations  
US2A + LYMFOVEN + wrap 1 300,- Kč
US2A + STARVAC + wrap 1 600,- Kč
US2A + CAVITALyse + STARVAC 2 550,- Kč

4 combinations  
US2A + STARVAC + LYMFOVEN + wrap 2 050,- Kč


A combination of two devices is far more efficient and effective, solves the problem of the affected parts faster and more deeply. The combination of devices multiplies the effects of the treatment. The most intensive combination is achieved in a combination of ultrasound and vacuum massage (highly recommended).
The final price is the sum of the individual treatments. If you pay for the entire treatment - 5 visits there is a 10% discount.





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