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Regenerative care - nutrition and energy for tired dry skin

Effects of treatment

  • Nourishes all types of skin showing signs of fatigue and wrinkles
  • Naturally smooths wrinkles
  • It regenerates, the skin gets back elasticity and freshness
  • Eliminates the feeling of irritation and tension
  • Promotes healing and soothing the skin
  • Restores skin and returns pleasant feel and look
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Price:   1 450 Kč  (75 minutes)
Treatment procedure:
  • Make-up removal
  • Small eyebrow reduction
  • Deep cleaning - ultrasonic spatula Duolift Expert
  • Massage of the face and decollete vitamin emulsions
  • Soothing mask on your face, lips, eyes and chest of royal jelly Jalea Real Ainoha – contains vitammins A,C,D,E and antioxidants
  • Regeneration serum – argan oil Keenwell. Very nourishing essential oil on the skin. It contains a large concentration of active ingredients.
  • Hydrating tonic
  • The final skin care lotion and powder, Anti-Ageing restructuring cream ADM
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Regeneration care

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Regeneration care – nutrition and energy for tired dry skin 1 450,- Kč



Other programs skin treatment.

Hydration care
Treatment for normal skin with a tendency to dry until very dry skin. Soothes and strengthens dry, sensitive skin and restores skin's lost moisture and thus it protects against premature aging. Relieves unpleasant feeling of tension, gives the skin softness and lush appearance. The treatment is suitable for both women and men, ideally 25+.

Lifting care
Hurry to a meeting or a party and need a few minutes pretty smooth face with no signs of fatigue? Are you a demanding customer and want to delay surgery or Botox injections. Exceptional anti-aging treatments Duolift Expert combats signs of aging skin, reduces the depth of expression wrinkles and prevents new ones. Top French technology together with dermokosmetiky will ensure maximum result and the wonderful feeling of relaxation. The treatment is suitable for both women and men, ideally 40+.

Regeneration care
For women struggling with dry skin, suffering from lack of nutrition, the increasing number of wrinkles, also suitable for women in stressful conditions associated with premenstrual syndrome. Treatment with highly active ingredients of royal jelly improve in a weakened and tired skin, give it a large amount of vitamins that will ensure its recovery and deep recovery.

Clay masks
Special treatment for mature, tired skin with the appearance of fine and wrinkles. It is also suitable for problematic oily skin with acne of all ages. White clay with ginseng and aloe gives the skin, energy, minerals and nutrients of natural origin.

Acne care
Special intensive program for acne problem skin with clogged comedones suitable for young and adults. It has strong anti-inflammatory effects and prevents further acne. Treatments are ingredients active ingredients give the skin a matte, clean appearance without comedones, reduces the level of hydration and fat and significantly improves overall skin condition.

Skin whitening
Nurturing program to brighten and whiten the skin. An active substance very good effect on existing pigmentation spots. At the same time prevents the formation of wrinkles and other moles. Treatment restores skin radiance, freshness and unifies skin color.

Treatments designed for oily, uneven skin with enlarged pores using a gentle non-invasive method of diamond microdermabrasion, which in a very short time, the skin returns healthy, lush and beautiful appearance. At the same time there is a lymphatic drainage which leads to suppression of swelling, stimulate blood circulation and detoxify the skin. The treatment is suitable for both women and men, ideally 25+.

Beauty hit - treatment snail slime, which operates perfectly not only wrinkles but also helps treat acne, skin irritated by the sun. It has a strong regenerative and healing properties, helps to restore skin cells, skin perfectly hydrated, reduces unwanted pigmentation and redness.

Relaxation care
Chocolate therapy or therapy champagne is a luxury and relaxation in one. Exclusive beauty treatments that work well on the mind and the senses of the client is also an excellent means for skin requiring hydration, stimulation and revitalization. Increases self-confidence and good humor, thanks to the anti-depressant encourage the body to produce endorphins.

Additional services
Eyelashes and eyebrows, eyebrow shaping, nourishing vitamin vial, oxygen mask, eye area, face and neck massage, Indian head massage.

Hair removal sugar paste
This is a very gentle method of hair removal, where the hairs are removed along the direction of growth, therefore netraumatizuje hair follicle and can avoid the inflammation. This method removes and reach ingrown hairs.
We focus on the entire waxing of the entire body, arms, hands, legs, back and groin, and also in intimate areas - Brazilian depilation.

Cosmetics for men
For demanding men who want to delay premature skin aging and want to maintain a long-term fresh and youthful appearance. Exceptional anti-aging treatments Duolift Expert combats signs of aging skin, reduces the depth of expression wrinkles and prevents new ones. For men, the ideal 30+.



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