Cavitation painless liposuction by CAVITALyse device


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Cavitation painless liposuction by CAVITALyse device

CavitaLyse is a French device that works on the principle of low-frequency ultrasound cavitation. CavitaLyse is an indispensable tool for the so-called painless liposuction and elimination of subcutaneous fat and body shaping.

Kavitace bezbolestná liposukce přístrojem CAVITALyse

Cavitation (from Latin cavitas - cavity). The principle cavitation is implosion thus breaking the membrane of fat cells with ultrasound. The cell content is released it gets into the intercellular space and then is naturally washed away by lymphatic and the urinary tract from the body.

Cavitation performed CavityLyse device is therefore based on the action of low-frequency ultrasound. Treatment with ultrasonic waves causes a pressure stimulation and subsequent degradation of adipose tissue. Loose fat in the form of triglycerides is metabolically converted to glycerol and free fatty acids.

Cavitation is used for modeling abdomen, hips, thighs, buttocks and other body parts. Often such methods are utilized by middle aged women, models and slim women. It is of course also suitable for men. Cavitation is an appropriate supplement for the on treatment of lymphatic massage.

More information about CAVITALyse you can get on the website dedicated only for cosmetic devices ADM.


Treatment liposuction device CAVITALyse

Kavitace přístroj CAVITALyse
Kavitace přístroj CAVITALyse
Kavitace bezbolestná liposukce přístrojem CAVITALyse
Kavitace bezbolestná liposukce přístrojem CAVITALyse

Are the results visible?
After passing the first cavitation treatment an average of 1-3 cm decreases are evident. In the case of a triple combination with ultrasound device US2A (ultrasound plates) the treatment is more intense .

How many body parts can I treate at the same time?
You can only treat a maximum 2 of body parts at one moment as cavitation does not occur immediately but after some time. See pictures which show the results which require a mimimum time of 10 minuts.


The effect on adipose tissue and treatment results with CAVITALyse

Kavitace přístroj CAVITALyse - působení ultrazvuku na tukovou tkáň
Kavitace přístroj CAVITALyse - výsledky ošetření

A clinical study of CAVITALyse treatment was attended by 50 people. They tested the effect of CAVITALyse cavitation devices. The participating age group ranged from 22 to 61, weighed from 52 to 88 kg and from 155 to 180 cm tall. The treatment was focused on the abdomen, buttocks and thighs. 3 treatments were performed at ones a week. Each participant drank during the day 1.5-2 liters of spring water. After 3 treatments were the following results:
There was a reduction in the circumference of an average of 1.62 cm for the first visit and 4.35 cm after three visits. There were excellent or good results in 85% of participats. At the same time there was an overall decrease in volume by 9-11%.

Can I repeat the treatment?
Other treatments can be safely repeated after 7 days. The maximum number of treatments is 5 visits. It is important to maintain water drinking regime. It is recommended that you drink at least 2.5 litres of unsweetened and non sparkling water one day before surgery, and also on the day of surgery. The same drinking regime is then important for several days after treatment (at least 3-4 days). It is not recommended to drink fruit juices and sugared water.

Is the treatment safe?
Cavitation - during ultrasonic liposuction dissolved fat is removed from the body via the immune system and liver Therefore, we can carry out this treatment only customers who have no liver and kidney function problems. The treated area should not exceed 400 cm2 and the treatment should not take longer than 40 minutes - these are the figures of the amount of fat that our liver can safely handle.


Cavitation painless liposuction with CAVITALyse device

Photo gallery

Watch a treatment CAVITALyse in our photo gallery step by step...

Kavitace bezbolestná liposukce - ošetření přístrojem CAVITALyse
Kavitace bezbolestná liposukce - ošetření přístrojem CAVITALyse
Kavitace bezbolestná liposukce - ošetření přístrojem CAVITALyse
Ošetření CAVITALyse - DermaLyse Gel
Kavitace bezbolestná liposukce - ošetření přístrojem CAVITALyse
Kavitace bezbolestná liposukce - ošetření přístrojem CAVITALyse

Contraindications and medical restrictions

  • heart disease
  • pacemaker
  • liver problems, kidney or thyroid
  • cancer
  • skin diseases
  • diabetes
  • post surgery
  • presence of metal implants
  • presence of an IUD during treatment of abdominal
  • disorders of the venous system (thrombosis, phlebitis)
  • blood thinners
  • pregnancy
  • active infectious processes

Generally the treatment should be applied only to healthy people and healthy tissue.
In the case of these diseases and the problems it is advisable to consult your doctor.



Shaping - CAVITALyse cavitation painless liposuction

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CLASSIC treatment: 1 x cavitation treatment CAVITALyse (30-40 minutes) 1 200,- Kč


Body shaping - Combination of treatment

2 combinations  
STARVAC + wrap 1 000,- Kč
US2A + LYMFOVEN 1 050,- Kč
US2A + STARVAC 1 350,- Kč
STARVAC + CAVITALyse 1 800,- Kč

3 combinations  
US2A + LYMFOVEN + wrap 1 300,- Kč
US2A + STARVAC + wrap 1 600,- Kč
US2A + CAVITALyse + STARVAC 2 550,- Kč

4 combinations  
US2A + STARVAC + LYMFOVEN + wrap 2 050,- Kč


A combination of two devices is far more efficient and effective, solves the problem of the affected parts faster and more deeply. The combination of devices multiplies the effects of the treatment. The most intensive combination is achieved in a combination of ultrasound and vacuum massage (highly recommended).
The final price is the sum of the individual treatments. If you pay for the entire treatment - 5 visits there is a 10% discount.





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