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Classic relax massage

We offer classic and relaxing massages, hot stones and many other relaxation techniques to eliminate physical and psychological problems and also popular relaxing Indian head massage.

Masáže klasické relaxační

In order massage was most effective, you need to take an active role during the massage.

Therefore, you try to perceive the touch of the masseur. Close your eyes and feel the massage, your breath and body parts that move when you inhale and exhale. Try to omit any problems that you suffer.

Classical massage 30 minutes
includes: back massage, neck and shoulders

Overall massage 60 minutes
includes: back massage, neck, arms and legs

Hot stones massage - heat that can penetrate to the core

During the massage we use 53 smooth lava stones, which are warmed in a water bath at a temperature of about 37-40 ° C and then laid on the body.

Masáže lávovými kameny

The warmth of stones has effect on meridians, which are energy pathways leading from the toes and hands over the body and belonging to all the internal organs of the body.

These energy pathways are frequently impassable and tight and therefore energy in our body can not flow as it should. This chinese method releases the energy flow through these channels, cleans them and a renewed flow of energy will give us an unexpected power and joy.

The total massage consists of three parts
Treatments can be made once instead of conventional cosmetic or in a series of several treatments that prolong overall effect. The overall treatment consists of 6 visits: 1-2 visits per week and then a maintenance visit 1 per month.

1. Hot stones massage - 60 minutes
Heat spreading inside the body causes a complete release of all the senses any beneficial effects. Evokes a feeling of deep relaxation, which permits release all muscle loads including mental stress.

2. Foot Massage with hot stones - 15 minutes
With specially shaped lava stone we massage reflex points toes and foot. Subsequently, hot stones are placed between toes causing a wonderful feel relaxation and inducing an increase in body temperature.

3. Harmonizing the chakras - 15 minutes
Chakra harmonization removes energy blockages internal balances energy. It performes with semi-precious stones and natural virgin oils.

Hot stones massage 90 minutes
includes: total body massage with hot lava stones

Massage Exklusive 120 minutes
includes: total body massage with hot lava stones, which is combined with cosmetic facial massage and back massage

The beneficial effects of massage

  • Deep relaxation - helps eliminate stress
  • Stimulate blood circulation
  • Support the immune system
  • Frees system tendon, tendons stretch of tensions and increases the possibility of moving the body
  • Contribute to reduce spasms in muscles and reduce muscle soreness
  • They help the body to detoxify blood
  • The heat will help regulate digestion, speeds up the metabolism and accelerates the process of weight loss
  • Improve metabolism

In many cases, help hot stones with

  • Premenstrual syndrome
  • Bloating caused by excessive fluid retention
  • Removing neck pain, and whether chronic or unexpected
  • In all backaches
  • Temperature stones slowly raises the temperature of the entire body, which facilitates the opening of skin pores
  • Promote blood circulation and restore energy in the body

During treatment with this exceptional massageyou can feel wonderful warmth all over your body. All the stress, fatigue and stress disappear as if by magic.

We recommend consult a doctor in these cases: diabetics, epileptics, pregnant women, hypertensive patients, patients with skin disease and people suffering from cardiovascular problems.



Hot stones massage

Ordering service


Classic massage 30 minutes 550,- Kč
Overall massage 60 minutes 950,- Kč
Hot stone massage 90 minutes 1 900,- Kč
Exclusive massage 120 minutes 2 500,- Kč





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