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Manicure for men and women

In beauty salon KORUNKA we offer complete care for hands and nails, very popular spa manicure, paraffin wrap, P-Shine and absolutely new permanent nail Striplac. Unlike gel or acrylic nails, this method is much more friendly.


Manicured and landscaped hands are not just a woman's prerogative, but the men are well aware that manicured hands and nails are the calling card of your personality that say a lot. In addition to the perfectly groomed hands you get in the beauty salon KORUNKA extra time for rest and relaxation.


Wellness manicure
It offers luxurious care for your natural nails, individual analysis of nails and problem solving.

  • dry
  • delicate
  • modeling damaged nails

A wrap in thermo gloves, hand massage, nail treatment into the desired shape, cuticles treatment. Of course you get a recommendation on the optimal home care.




Natural Care P-Shine - treatment of natural nails with a high gloss effect
Japan's natural nail care suitable for both women and men, who prefer the natural look or want to regenerate damaged nails, eg. after the removal of artificial nails.The principle is polishing beeswax to the natural nail and the supply of vitamins to support their healthy growth. The result is a perfectly natural beautiful shiny and perfectly manicured nails.


Painting the natural nails permanent UV varnish - Striplac
Absolute novelty in nail design is a permanent method Striplac. Nail surface is scratch resistant and brilliant shine lasts flawlessly 2-3 weeks. Lacquer is removed simply by peeling without using acetone.

Permanent UV / LED Striplac varnishes are very popular novelty whose main advantages are:

  • easy to apply
  • easy removed
  • exceptional stamina 2-3 weeks
  • dry immediately after application
  • fast application on natural gel and acrylic nails
  • trendy colors and shade
  • fast removal and replacement of color
  • suitable for manicure and pedicure
  • easy home
  • saving time and money


Nourishing wrap thermal glove
Luxurious treatments thermal glove are suitable for the treatment of arthritis, rheumatism, feeling of cold hands. Using the pack is very suitable for extremely dry hands, it can be done immediately after the manicure, nails or simultaneously pedicure or beauty treatment.


Paraffin wrap
Paraffin wrap warm up, relax tight muscles and joints, improve blood circulation and opens the pores. It removes dead parts of the skin, softens the skin and give it nourishment. The skin after treatment much better absorbs nutrients from cosmetics. Thanks to the heat (acts as a small sauna) helps with health problems such as: stiffness of muscles. joint pain and rheumatoid arthritis. Paraffin wrap helps soften dry, cracked skin, strengthens and nourishes nails and their surroundings, and also acts as a very pleasant relaxation.



Body Care - Manicure

Ordering service


Basic manicure: removing nail varnish, nail treatment, removing the cuticle 290,- Kč
Complete manicure: removing nail varnish, finish nails, cuticle removal, peeling, complete nutrition painting, cream 550,- Kč
Japanese manicure 590,- Kč
Men's manicure: shortening the nails, cuticle removal, peeling, P-Shine and hand massage 630,- Kč
SPA manicure: odlakovremoving nail varnish, finish nails, cuticle removal, peeling, skin care wrap, hand massage, nutrition, coating 750,- Kč
Striplac including basic manicure 650,- Kč
Striplac French manicure 680,- Kč
Removal the gel from artificial nail 350,- Kč
Coating and top coat 190,- Kč
French manicure 190,- Kč
Peeling of hands 130,- Kč
Nourishing wrap thermal glove 230,- Kč
Paraffin wrap 350,- Kč
Aroma relaxing hand massage 290,- Kč





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